How to avoid an “Average Wedding” Reception

With more and more hotels offering “All-In-One” wedding packages it’s easy to see that many brides-to-be will consider this an attractive option. Packages start from as little as £995. Often the deal will include a drink on arrival, meal for a minimum number of guests, wine for your toasts, a member of staff as your Master of Ceremonies, an evening buffet and a DJ. It all sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

A typical wedding these days will usually cost around £10.000 to £15000. So what exactly can one expect from a low-cost, All-In-One, package deal?

If the bride is looking for a “No Frills”, No fuss, lets just provide the bare minimum, and get through the day on a minimum budget, sort of wedding reception: It’s probably a good idea. If she is happy to have what is, to all intents and purposes,  a “McWedding”, where everything is the same as it was yesterday, and will be the same as it was tomorrow – fine.

However, if the bride wishes to have a day which is special, unique and personal to her and her husband and family, then she will need to look further into the deal. It may well be that she can enhance the package by adding options or upgrades. When planning an event it’s often easy to get swept along and distracted by the many additional products and services now on offer to someone getting married. The budget can easily run out of control. I would recommend that a bride should seriously take advice as to what adds value and what does not.

Get help from the experts

“Wedding Day Secrets – Facts the industry would prefer Brides didn’t know” is a new book for brides written my Derek Pengelly. It contains many facts and figures collected from brides AFTER their wedding day. You will be surprised at how perceptions change after the event. Hindsight is perfect vision, as they say. In the book the author compares perception with reality. All too often, it transpires, that what is actually delivered to a bride is very different to what she was promised, or what she imagined would be provided.

These days brides can be preoccupied with the “look” of the event. I always encourage brides to think more about how she and her guests will FEEL on the day. Will they laugh? Will they cry? Will they feel involved and a part of the celebration, or will they mealy be observers, on the outside looking in?

It may surprise you to know that of all of the items which constitute a wedding budget, the item given the lowest priority, and usually the least valued, is entertainment. Yet after the event it is entertainment which the majority of the guests value most highly after the ceremony and the bride’s wedding dress.

Quality, personalised entertainment is the key to producing a wedding reception which is fun, memorable and unique. Adding a different twist to your Introductions, Toasts, Entrances, Cake Cutting, First Dance and Big finish will achieve a wedding reception which the guests will be talking about long after the day is over.

To help anyone planning a wedding reception I have created a web site which will help steer planners in the right direction. There is also a directory of specially trained Wedding Party Hosts who can answer questions and make suggestions. More importantly they can explain what often occurs at a McWedding and show how this can be avoided.

So my advice would be, stop worrying about the table decorations, the chair covers and the favors. Start looking at who is going to Host the event. Who is going to take responsibility for your guests? Who is going to represent you and entertain your guests? How are you going to get everyone involved and a part of the celebration?

Choose the right Party Host and entertainment and you can relax and enjoy the day. Many brides have testified that “Peace of Mind” was one oaf the most important factors in the planning process. No bride wants to feel anxious or uncomfortable on her wedding day, so why do so many put themselves through unnecessary torture. Giving priority to what people value and employing the right host will provide the peace of mind which will enable her to relax and enjoy her special day.

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